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What To Expect When Designing And Building With Regency Builders

Regency utilizes a team approach in designing your one-of-a-kind custom home. This team approach is the key to designing a home that has architectural appeal, extraordinary interior design, value engineering, and energy efficiency – all in one. We carefully listen to your thoughts and ideas and help you prioritize them in a way that will fulfill your dreams and visions, while also maintaining your desired budget.

Regency Builders Rated Highest Among Local Custom Builders

In the time that Regency Builders has been giving the Custom Home Builder Evaluation Matrix Form to potential customers, we have consistently scored the highest percentage of all possible points compared to other local custom home builders. We take that assessment from potential customers as a sign that our processes are working, that they are effective and competitively superior. We also look at the remaining possible points that we could score and we seek to improve and get better everyday.

Regency Builders Ratings Download the Matrix


Site Evaluation Includes:

  1. Running background information on Geo Technical information to address high ground water issues.
  2. Running reports on well depths, septic cost, municipal restrictions that include Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for allowable size of home and lot coverage, set back requirements and averaging of neighbors set back and potential unusual costs from municipalities.
  3. We also typically include a landscaper’s and architect’s analysis to determine the best fit for the home in relation to the lot, how to best expose the lower level with maximum window coverage, and minimize landscape cost for full efficiency and livability.
  4. Sun studies to maximize the scenery while minimizing undesirable views.
Regency Site Evaulation Chart

Download Our Site Evaluation Chart

Design Process During the design process, you can expect:

  1. 3 formal budgetary checks: Rest assured that when the final blueprints are completed, we will have met or are below your budget. We are not in the business of bait and switch methods that increase costs.
  2. A thorough specification and selection analysis: Everyone will be clear of expectations for custom finishes prior to a construction contract being signed and your budget will meet your expectations.
  3. Your own design team: You’ll have several members from Regency, a certified architect, a certified interior selections coordinator and decorator, landscape architect, lighting and audio specialist and other engineering experts all working together to make sure your home comes together as a beautiful and cohesive vision. 3D architecture is used to assist envisioning both the exterior and interior views.
  4. Exclusive technology: We use a complete web-based platform where you’ll be able to store data, track selections dates, receive weekly updates, view photographs of your home’s progress and receive other critical communications through the building and design process. You gain from the value of having all the information in one place for the life of your home.